? (1,6,3,1,4)

Finally, a truly impressive ratio of clue-length to answer-length, also from the ever-brilliant Araucaria. The answer: I HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE.

My recollection of this, and it was some time ago so I acknowledge that I may have it wrong, is that the clue wasn't a question mark but an asterisk, and that there was a correspondingly asterisked note beneath the crossword that read: 'The compiler apologises, but he just can't think of anything for 6A'.

I think I prefer it as I remember it, as it clarifies not only that the answer did not have a clue, but also that the compiler had not had a clue.

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Should the reference to gegs read "gegs (9, 4)"? Never heard of the 9, 7 enumeration.

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