This article had multiple guffaw-out-loud moments for a grammar geek like me 😂😂😂

"But hopefully we can all at least agree that the arsonists who insist on two spaces after a period should be drummed out of society and abandoned on an island to contemplate their crimes for eternity. "

I wholeheartedly concur with this sentence, Jack, in both senses of the word.

I also believe serial killers of the AP variety belong with their ilk as use of the Oxford comma distinguishes the civilized from philistines, newspaper editors, and ambiguity-spreading barbarians. [Okay, I admit “newspaper editors” could work as an appositive here, but either interpretation works for me.]

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Jan 21Liked by Jack Shepherd

Was just discussing this yesterday and said this:

I use it only when it’s ambiguous as to whether the ‘and’ belongs to the item or the list

(Usually longer lists with unwieldy multi-word items)

As for Ayn Rand, sometimes you’ve just got to reorder your lists

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I use... (and admittedly, often overuse) commas, and things such as ... — / : ....., in order to pace the reader. But some people don't particularly like being dictated to by a grammatical terrorist.

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Our rector in a sermon about the causes and people we should fight for (e.g. faith, country, the poor) completed his list with "and of course The Oxford Comma"...I'm with him all the way

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